Solid accounting foundations
for property & construction

Building or managing property? You need to know your business is on solid ground.

The construction and property management sector can be one of the most uncertain when it comes to finances, which means you need to be in total control of your financial position and one step ahead in your accounting if you want to succeed.

Building on the big questions

Financial success often begins with asking the right questions:

  • How can we manage unpredictable cashflow?
  • What are the most flexible accounting systems?
  • Are there special tax breaks for construction and property management business?
  • How to we access our financial and business data when we're on site?
  • What are the financial rules and regulations for casual labour?
  • Is it more financially efficient to buy, hire or lease equipment?
  • How do we build a long-term financial strategy?

NWN Blue Squared has used its collaborative accountancy approach to good effect with clients in both the construction and property management sectors. We recognise the financial challenges and ensure our clients are building their businesses on solid accountancy foundations, with advice they can trust.

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Extra building blocks

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