A small price for
progressive accountancy

NWN Blue Squared is unexpectedly flexible and transparent about its fees.

As any accountant will tell you, cashflow and budgeting are critical to successful business and we know our clients appreciate any additional help they can get with both. That’s why NWN Blue Squared’s fee policy is as flexible and transparent as possible.

This is how we work:

Fixed Fees

With most clients we’ll agree a fixed fee, up front, for the services we’ll provide. We’ll write to you to confirm this and, once agreed, only ever discuss this fee again if the actual level of work we do for you becomes uneconomic for us, or you, to continue at the agreed rate.
Beyond Fixed Fee

You may want us to provide additional accountancy or financial support outside the services covered by the fixed fee agreement. In this case we’ll agree a separate charge in advance of the work being done.

Time Based Fees

It’s said that ‘time is money’ but we don’t think that’s fair and will try at all costs not to bill on a time basis. However, there are some occasions when we have no choice - if you were subject to a lengthy inquiry by HMRC for example – but we will discuss this with you in advance and give you regular updates on time and costs.

Payment Terms

Your flexible friend isn’t just your credit card. NWN Blue Squared requests all new clients to pay by Direct Debit or via our Orchard credit solution.  We also encourage existing clients to also pay by Direct Debit, although we will accept cheques, credit card and Premium Credit payments.

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