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There’s so much more to life than just accounts. We want to make a real difference - together.

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Deep down, we all want the world to be a better place. It’s easy to say, much harder to do. Giving time or money to make a real, visible difference has to be appropriate and habit-forming if it’s going to work. At NWN we're passionate about making life simple, starting good habits and making an impact for our clients and the wider world.

That’s why we’re a Lifetime Partner of the Global Giving Initiative, Buy1GIVE1 (B1G1). With B1G1 we'll be able to do amazing things in unexpectedly simple ways. Here's an example:

When you become an NWN client, our team will celebrate your decision by giving to their choice of over 600 high-integrity projects around the globe. Chidren can drink pure, life-sustaining water; families gain an education; social entrepreneurs receive training; native forests can be protected and much, much more.

It means we can all share in the positive feeling of making an impact, not just to the lives and business of our clients, but to many thousands of people around the world.

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