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NWN has plenty of accountancy experience - we're also a nice bunch of people to work with

If qualifications make you an expert, then there are plenty of here at NWN Blue Squared’s offices. But that's just part of the picture.

Because our Directors and Managers know what’s required to build a business - some of them in the music, creative and leisure sectors - we can add personal insight to our clients’ accountancy issues.  As part of that process, we’ve often become their friends as well as a trusted part of their financial team.

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The Directors

Ed Niman

One of the Ns in NWN Blue Squared, Ed is an accountant with serious business experience - including running a major record label - and an equally serious passion for football.

Ed helped build Nieman Walters Niman into the empire that is now NWN Blue Squared.  Ed grew up in Preston, becoming a Preston North End fanatic – or should we say 'sufferer' - before being dazzled by the bright lights of the ‘Big City’. He now lives in Greater London with his wife and three children and relaxes by playing racquet sports - tennis and badminton - safe in the belief that the only purpose of golf is to ruin a good walk.

Ed is also passionate about theatre, food and music of all kinds - having at one time worked for Mute Records - but particularly classical and blues.  His idea of paradise is fish soup and a good bottle of red wine served overlooking the sea to music from the Allman Brothers.

Howard Walters

A founding member of the NWN team, Howard brings many years of accountancy experience to the business, along with a heap of dramatic and creative passion.

The W in NWN, Howard has also worked tirelessly to grow the practice while managing to stay close to his many individual clients.  When not exercising his superbly dry sense of humour, he can be seen cycling around the local countryside or on the golf course near his home in Essex where he lives with his wife, three children and a cat.

Howard also likes to exercise his artistic side through watercolour painting and as a producer and front of house manager for local amateur dramatics.  Even his vocal folds get a work-out with Howard putting them to good use as a voiceover for talking newspapers for the blind.

Peter Brill
Non-Executive Director

He may be non-executive by title, but Peter's media and marketing expertise is certainly being put to good use in raising NWN's profile in the creative industries.

The most recent recruit to the NWN Board, Peter's appointment was largely on the basis of his matching Directorial hairstyle.  Never short of something to say, Peter uses his voice to sing regularly in Bristol-based acappella group Original Sing, shout loudly at defenders when playing in goal, keep the peleton in motion if cycling up and down the hills of the South West, or cheer the many goals scored at Upton Park by West Ham or his son's local football team.

Occasionally Peter finds time to use his journalism and PR skills to run his own business, Net.Mentor, with his wife and co-Director Sheila, producing content for the web and media. Otherwise they can be found visiting their daughter in Taunton, or walking the stunning beaches in Pembrokeshire with Chip the mad Labradoodle.

The Managers

Danielle Mead
Accounts Production Manager

She may be a Disney geek, but Essex girl Danielle (TOWIE is not an option) is no Minnie Mouse.

Straight out of college, Danielle started working in practice in 2008.NWN spotted her true potential as an accountant in 2013 and she’s never looked back.Supported by the company, she completed her ACCA exams to become a fully qualified accountant in 2014.

Fiercely organised, Danielle’s in the perfect job to help keep the team running smoothly – a team she describes as “young and fun”…even the older ones.

But her biggest business pleasure is solving tax problems and helping clients understand their accounts. “I love being able to explain complicated accountancy issues and seeing a client ‘get it’ once we’ve worked on the problem.”

When she’s not travelling to the USA to visit Mickey and the gang, she’s off watching football – an ardent Liverpool fan, she’s one of the rare breed of girls that can explain the offside rule.

Jackie Da Costa
Business Support Manager - Music

When it comes to the music biz, Jackie has been there, done it, worn and sold the T-shirt. She is NWN's specialist in tour accounting and is used to working with A-list musicians.

Having started her career taking bookings at Power Plant Recording Studio, Jackie quickly made herself useful at The Sanctuary Group/Focus Business Management where she was Band Accountant. Further accountancy roles saw her working with a roster of glitterati including Maximo Park, KT Tunstall, Bastille and DJ Breach. She joined the NWN Blue Squared team in October 2014, bringing a portfolio of around 100 music-related clients including The Brand New Heavies, Roots Manuva, Hyperdub and Twin Atlantic.

Jackie has done some pretty unusual things in her time – usually for charity. There was organising a post-Glasnost gig for Children of Chernobyl in Moscow’s Red Square, complete with Russian infantry and artillery; or erecting the PRS Music Memorial for Marc Bolan on the site of his death in London. By way of relaxation, Jackie keeps fit so she can keep up in the mosh pits of most of the UK’s festivals.

Jackie has a soft spot for plants – she buys the ‘sad’ ones at Homebase to give them a good home – banana cake and animals, sharing her office with two Yorkshire Terriers, Dory and Dylan, two geckos and 12 hermit crabs all called Herman. There's also music producer/engineer husband, Phil (aka CrazyJoeCola), with whom she can watch Gary Oldman movies.

Jonathan Niman
Operations Manager

He may be passionate about history, but Jon's focus is very much on the future of accountancy. Keeping the NWN wheels turning and the team happy will be Jon's task for the next few years.

Born and brought up in North East London (don't mention Essex), Jon took himself off to the West Country to pursue his passion, History, at The University of the West of England.

But he was always likely to follow in the family footsteps and Jon is certainly excited about the future of the profession. "Accountancy isn't really about maths any more, it's about personality and the ability to relate to people on personal and business management level."

Jon should have no difficulty there. His big personality and friendly approach has already made him a trusted business advisor to a wide range of NWN clients since he joined the firm in 2010.

He's also inherited the family Arsenal gene.  When he's not sitting in his regular seat at the Emirates, he can be found getting to grips with the historical intrigue of TV dramas like Game of Thrones.

Seelan Vishnuthevan
Audit Manager

Smart and sporty, Seelan is a martial artist who's not afraid to tangle with a spreadsheet or take on the big numbers. His proactive approach means plenty of client contact...in a good way.

Living close to NWN's office, Seelan is an a Accounting and Finance graduate from The University of Birmingham.  He's also something of an IT whizz, adding Computer Science to his degree as well.

His first job, with PwC, got his accountancy career off to a flying start and Seelan has joined the ranks of some of the largest audit firms in the world, crunching the numbers for multinationals and SMEs alike including high street banks and major retail brands.

Joining NWN has given him the chance to hone his skills on the creative sector and broaden his advisory and accountancy horizons.  Friendly and proactive, Seelan's approach is proactive: "I really enjoy working directly with clients to help them get to grips with accounting in a way that's relevant and easy to understand".

When it comes to relaxing, Seelan is a keen sportsman.  A badminton racquet is his current weapon of choice, playing regularly with his local club.  Occasionally, when he's not battling company accounts or shuttlecocks, he can also be found (well away from our clients) taking on all-comers as a Black Belt in the high-kicking, explosive martial art of Taekwondo.

He's also happy to talk football, claiming to be a dedicated Man Utd fan (but they all say that).


Wendy Martin
Payroll Manager

Definitely not someone to mess with, former police sergeant Wendy now marshalls the ranks and keeps order in NWN's Payroll Department.

As a police officer, Wendy worked in some of the toughest areas of the East End of London before a car accident brought her career in the force to a premature end.  Born and bred in Essex, Wendy took a maternity cover job at a small local firm of accountants. When the cover ended, she was asked to stay on and learn bookkeeping, VAT and payroll. After 18 years, the firm had morphed into NWN Blue Squared, with Wendy heading-up the Payroll team.

A woman of many talents, she also works with her ex-police officer husband, running a photography business.  When she’s not behind the camera, she’s designing the albums for weddings and their corporate customers.

Wendy is not shy about blowing her own trumpet – well, cornet actually - playing in the North East Counties Royal British Legion Band.  They can be heard as part of her local Essex Remembrance Day Service as well as giving concerts around the Home Counties.   As a stepmother and grandmother, she makes the kids a priority – “the centre of my universe” – and occasionally finds time for a bit of gardening…just to relax.

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