Auto Enrolment – a simple solution to a complicated problem

Government pension legislation now means all employers, regardless of size, have to automatically enrol their eligible employees into a suitable pension scheme. NWN now provides a simple AE solution.

The Pension Regulator has informed almost every UK registered company of their starting date (known as the staging date) for Pensions Auto Enrolment (AE).  If you are still unsure about the AE process, NWN can help.

AE imposes significant employee communication, payroll, administration and reporting duties on a business and failure to comply with any of these can lead to fines of up to £500 per day. Be in no doubt, the Pension Regulator will enforce this legislation and AE must be taken very seriously.

Why act now?

Although the actual staging date may still be some months - or even years - away, it is essential to start the planning process now to ensure everything is set-up in time. So, as part of our payroll service, we have carefully researched the market to assess the best options available to ensure AE compliance and we can now provide a service we believe is the simplest, most cost-effective way for businesses to meet their AE requirements.

Why use NWN?

There are a host of positive reasons for asking NWN to provide your AE solution, particularly for organisations in our specialist areas of Music, Film & Broadcast, Digital Media and Tech. Our solution offers:

  • A truly complete solution - including handling all employee communication, pension and administration issues
  • No complicated compliance decisions
  • An integrated HMRC-approved master trust pension scheme investing with Scottish Widows – one of the UK’s best known and respected insurance companies
  • Pension scheme pricing within the governments price cap
  • No risk of fines for non-compliance
  • No employee queries to handle - an employee helpline is available to manage any questions or issues

In order to provide this comprehensive service, NWN offers a clear fee structure to include initial set-up of the service and then operate all ongoing aspects of the system. The fees are as follows (excluding VAT):

AE Fees chart

Solving your AE problems is as simple as sending us an e-mail or by contacting Wendy at NWN on 020 8550 3131.

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