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Every music business needs solid finances to grow

Making music your business requires dedication and sound finances.  Whether you're an A-list veteran booking their next tour, or a music-related business wanting to move to the next level, success requires sound finances and sometimes a little extra help. Business funding has come a long way from a "yes/no" visit to the Bank Manager. Alternative funding - including EIS and SEIS schemes - is available if you know where to look and how to ask.

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Already know what you need? Then you can get started right now with the NWN Funder Finder.  Just answer a few simple questions and the funders will do the rest to help meet your needs and explain how each funding option works for business seeking anything from £20,000 to £1m.

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Setting out to find funding can be a challenge, but it starts with asking the right questions:

  • What funding is available to help establish or grow my business?
  • I've been offered funding, but how do I know it's the best for my business?
  • Should I approach my bank?
  • What are the alternative funding sources and are they credible?
  • What financial information do I need to put together and who can help me do this?

NWN can answer these questions and a whole lot more. We'll help prepare you and your business to make the most of any funding that will boost your business and nurture your musical talent.

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