Accountants film & broadcast: a new perspective

Getting the right angle on accounts.

Like any good film or TV production, success generally comes from 20% inspiration and 80% sheer hard work.  At NWN we understand the need to maximise the creativity and minimise the amount of time spent worrying about your accounts.

Framing the questions

 You will probably be familiar with some or all of the following business questions:

  • Is it more tax efficient to be freelance or set up a business?
  • What type of business best suits my work?
  • How can I manage cashflow effectively between jobs?
  • What is the most business-efficient way to purchase or lease equipment?
  • Should I be VAT registered and, if so, who can do this for me?
  • How do I monitor and collect royalties?
  • What financial details should be included in any contract?
  • Are there TV or film-specific tax allowances?
  • What are the tax implications of working abroad?
  • Why should I use specialist film accountants?

With a detailed understanding of accountancy for the film and TV industries, NWN can help answer these questions and offer pragmatic, specialist business management advice that will let you stay focused on the the bigger picture.  

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