Accounting for a digital world 

The technology sector needs accountancy systems and support that speak their language.

From gaming to website developers, software and tech start-ups to established digital media agencies, having tech-savvy accountants and human support that can handle a digital world is a critical part of running your business.

It's the reason why, as digital and tech accountants, NWN encourages all of its clients to take a digital approach to their accounts. 

A big ask?

For digital and tech businesses, there are some frequently asked questions:

  • Are there special accounting requirements for setting up a digital or tech business?
  • What type of business best suits our work?
  • How do we set up banking arrangements?
  • Should we be VAT registered and, if so, who can do this for us?
  • How can we manage cashflow?
  • Are there tax-efficient ways to lease or buy IT hardware and software?
  • Do we qualify for research and development tax breaks?
  • Should we recruit games or web developers as employees or as freelancers?
  • What financial details should be included in contracts with our clients?
  • What are the tax implications of distributing products to a global market?

While answering these questions may be a stretch for many accountants, NWN's progressive approach to accountancy - combined with experience in supporting digital media and technology businesses - means we can offer specialist business management and advice that will keep your feet on the ground, even if your business is in The Cloud.     

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