Getting Authors' and Writers' accounts write first time

We may not use quills, but we can still author an accurate set of accounts

Writers, authors and accountants alike, the digital age has more or less put paid to pen and ink.  But that doesn't mean the end of the chapter for well-structured accounts and specialist business advice that can help authors and writers make the most of their creativity.

Questions in writing please...

When it comes to accounts, there are plenty of questions:

  • Should I write as a freelance or set up a limited company?
  • I have just been offered an advance, how do I structure the payments?
  • Am I being paid the right amount of royalties on my published work?
  • How do I monitor sales and royalties?
  • What expenses can I offset against my income?
  • Should I be VAT registered and, if so, who can do this for me?
  • Should my accountant be liaising with my agent, publisher and lawyer?
  • Who manages the rights and exploitation of my written work?

NWN has specialist experience in helping authors and writers answer accountancy and business management questions that can turn a creative spark into a commercial success.

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