We won't make a drama
of Accountancy for
Actors & Performers 

Actors, performers and accountants - a dramatic business partnership

Whether it's stage, film or small screen, drama or stand-up, making a living from acting and performing is a business. But, like any good script, it can be full of ups and downs and uncertainty which means the last thing you need is your accountant making a drama out of your income tax and expenses.

And cue...questions

When it comes to business and accountancy, actors and performers often ask:

  • Should I be a freelance, sole trader or set up a limited company?
  • How do I plan for tax?
  • How can I manage my finances effectively between jobs?
  • What expenses can I offset against my income?
  • Should I be VAT registered and, if so, who can do this for me?
  • How do I monitor and collect royalties?
  • Should financial details be included in a contract - if so, what?
  • Are there different financial implications for working in theatre, TV or film?
  • What happens to my tax if I want to work abroad?

The NWN team are specialists in answering these and many other questions from acting and performing professionals, helping keep their business and careers in the limelight. 

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