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NWN Blue Squared

The NWN team is proud of all the accountancy clients it has worked with, so we’re loathe to pick favourites.

But, if our music clients want to blow our trumpet for us, or those in the arts want to paint a rosy picture of our skills, then who are we to argue? Our selection of case studies demonstrates NWN’s progressive approach to accountancy and financial services. 

If you’re feeling left out and would like to be featured as an NWN Case Study we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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On the case

Making Music Fun

Lyndsey Boggis of TwoUp Management has learnt to overcome the business challenges of a rapidly changing music industry to pursue her ambition, with advice and support from NWN.

A Man on a Mission

Tim Smith is a former national DJ turned music entrepreneur who has made it his mission to be the very best in music publishing and artist management. NWN has been on hand to offer some trusted advice.

A man among giants

Giant Men Management's Robin Pasricha talks bands, business and making music earn its keep.

Urban Development and the sound of music

Pamela McCormick on how working with some of the worlds best jazz musicians led to a business helping London's creative urban music artists - with some financial advice from NWN along the way.

Lights, camera, accounts!

Jeff Brown of Brownian Motion explains how an entrepreneurial leap of faith put his business into sharp focus.

Evergreen and blossoming

From teaboy to MD of a thriving artist management business, Harry Devenish has achieved a massive amount in the music industry over a very short period. NWN has been on hand to help.

A recipe for business success

How one of Europe's leading stockbrokers became a top caterer, with a little help from accountants NWN Blue Squared..

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