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The NWN Directors

Meet the team that has developed and grown NWN Blue Squared.  As well as great accountants, they're also really nice people - but you be the judge.

Nick Lawrence, CEO

Nick LawrenceNick brought the Blue Squared name to the NWN marriage in 2010, having already established, grown and sold his own IT business.  Working in the creative and music industry since leaving school, including setting up and running his own record label, he can name the drummers in (almost) every indie band since 1979.

When not working with creative clients or managing NWN’s marketing team, Nick can usually be found relaxing with an assortment of musicians, bands and rock managers or DJing a set in clubs around the world. When he remembers to go home, Nick lives in South London with his wife, twin sons and Flo the cat.

Ed Niman, Director

Ed Niman

So good they named him twice (well almost), Ed helped build Nieman Walters Niman into the empire that is now NWN Blue Squared.  As a Preston North End fanatic – or should we say 'sufferer' - Ed grew up in Preston, before being dazzled by the bright lights of the ‘Big City’ and now lives in Greater London with his wife and three children. He relaxes by playing racquet sports - tennis and badminton - safe in the belief that the only purpose of golf is to ruin a good walk.

Ed is also passionate about theatre, food and music of all kinds - having at one time worked for Mute Records - but particularly classical and blues.  His idea of paradise is fish soup and a good bottle of red wine served overlooking the sea to music from the Allman Brothers.

Howard  Walters, Director

Howard WaltersThe W in NWN, Howard has also worked tirelessly to grow the practice while managing to stay close to his many individual clients.  When not exercising his superbly dry sense of humour, he can be seen cycling around the local countryside or on the golf course near his home in Essex where he lives with his wife, three children and a cat.

Howard also likes to exercise his artistic side through watercolour painting and as a producer and front of house manager for local amateur dramatics.  Even his vocal chords get a work-out with Howard putting them to good use as a voiceover for talking newspapers for the blind.

Peter Brill, Non-Executive Director

Peter BrillThe most recent recruit to the NWN Board, Peter's appointment was largely on the basis of his matching Directorial hairstyle.  Never short of something to say, Peter uses his voice to sing regularly in Bristol-based acappella group Original Sing, shout loudly at defenders when playing in goal, keep the peleton in motion if cycling up and down the hills of the South West, or cheer the many goals scored at Upton Park by West Ham or his son's local football team.

Occasionally Peter finds time to use his journalism and PR background to run his own business, Net.Mentor, with his wife and co-Director Sheila, producing content for the web and media. Otherwise they can be found visiting their daughter in Taunton, or walking the stunning beaches in Pembrokeshire with Chip the mad Labradoodle.


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